The care people need

Value-based care means better outcomes for everyone — for patients and their communities, and for health systems with the vision to embrace it.



For patients, care that works

Health care today is too siloed, too costly, and too often out of reach. Value-based care is different: It puts people at the center of their own care.



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With providers sharing information and coordinating care so patients aren’t left to figure it out on their own

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Identifying and closing gaps that stand in the way of better outcomes

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Viewing each patient as a whole person, addressing root causes of health problems 




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For communities, a path toward equity

Value-based care can reduce the silos, excess costs, and unequal care that contribute to health disparities. This will make it easier for clinicians to deliver evidence-based care that leads to better health outcomes for everyone, even the most vulnerable populations. 

More broadly, when more individuals receive care that results in better outcomes, it adds up to better overall health for communities where they live.

For health systems, a hopeful future

Community-based health systems are confronting powerful headwinds including economic challenges and evolving consumer needs. Shifting to value-based care is the most effective way for nonprofit, community-based health systems to address these challenges and accelerate their strategies to deliver on their missions. By combining best practices with investment and expertise, systems can be sustainable for the long haul.

Value-based care is the future of nonprofit health care. Risant Health is here to make it a reality.

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“Risant Health will unite organizations that share similar missions. We will lift high-performing health systems committed to high-quality, equitable, and affordable care.”


Gregory A. Adams
Chair and Director, Risant Health 

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