A platform that nurtures health 

Our participants continue to operate as independent regional or community-based health systems while gaining expertise, resources, and support through Risant Health’s value-based platform.



Empowering diverse health systems

In a nation as diverse as the United States, there’s no single best model of care. Kaiser Permanente is an established leader in value-based care through its integrated care and coverage model. However, no one model is practical everywhere, and while many providers are interested in adopting a value-based care model, it’s challenging to adopt in some environments. Geisinger, Risant Health’s founding participant, offers evidence that success through value-based care is possible in diverse, multi-payer environments.

And Geisinger is not alone. Many nonprofit health systems are shifting to value-based care — but to thrive they need the right tools, technology, and health plan capabilities. That’s what Risant Health will deliver.

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Tailored for success

Initial platform solutions will address: